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Here you'll find some "killer" links to Sleepaway Camp/Horror related sites!! If You have a site dedicated to anything Sleepaway Camp and would like it linked here, drop me a line.

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Welcome Campers - A Sleepaway Camp Website.
Sleepaway Camp - Website Of Angela Baker.
Sleepaway Camp Films - The Official Site for Sleepaway Camp 2 & 3.
Camp Arawak Website - Ryan's Sleepaway Camp Site.
Camp Rolling Hills - A Sleepaway Camp Series Website.
The Sleepaway Camp Zone - Fan page with pictures, credits, interviews, trivia, and links.
Sleepaway Camp - A Website For The Series.
Sleepaway Camp Trilogy - Sleepaway Camp fan's online site. - The official website for Jonathan "Ricky" Tiersten's band. - Felissa Rose Official Website.
Horror the Movie - The official website for Dante Tomaselli's "Horror" starring Felissa Rose.
Official Grandma's Secret Recipe Website - Check out this wild new horror film made by's Jeff Hayes. Felissa Rose has a role as a Newscaster...and Sleepaway Camp Director Robert Hiltzik makes his acting debut! - Writer/Director Dave Campfield's site with information about Felissa Rose's role in the horror flick: Under Surveillance.
Greg's Jonathan Tiersten Website - Dedicated to the rocker who played "Ricky."
CKY Alliance - Find out all about the band's music, tour schedule, and much more here...and all about the band's Sleepaway Camp inspired Deron Miller! - An interview with Felissa Rose. - Offers Sleepaway Camp t-shirts in various styles. - Features horror movie reviews and interviews.
Tim Harden's Incredible Texas Chainsaw Massacre site - All the pics, articles, and info you could ever ask for about Texas Chainsaw Massacre!
The Horror Pit - A discussion forum for all things horror related.
Best Horror Movies - Showcases a best horror movies blog, DVD movie reviews, and top 100 movie list, as well as descriptions of movie monsters and heroes.
The Flesh Farm - Dedicated to macabre, strange and the bizarre horror films. Features trailers, movie descriptions and images. - Horror links and Horror movie reviews. - A safe place to indulge in your more unsavory cinematic tastes.
Evil Dread - Horror to the People 24/7. Western and Asian Horror Movie Reviews. Latest Horror Movie News, Movie Trailers and more.
Oh My Gore!! - Gore, Trash, Splatter, Horror & Fantastik Movies Site.
Arrow in the Head - Offers horror movie reviews, production journals, interviews, discussion forums and contact information.
A Nightmare on Elm Street - This site has it all! Articles, trailers, wallpapers, forums, and even a timeline of events that may become useful if Trivial Pursuit ever came out with a Horror Movie edition.
Horror Review - The title says it all, features horror movie reviews, contests, horror news and much more!
Palace of Horror - Your source for horror movies, scary reviews, horror DVD's, clips, actors, actresses and news.

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